Terms & Conditions of Hire

The Hirer agrees to observe and comply with the terms, conditions, provisions and stipulations specified as follows together with any specific conditions which may from time to time be imposed by the Hall management. If any clarification of the terms and conditions is required the advice of a member of the Hall management committee should be sought.

1). HIRE FEES. Hire fees are to be paid in full at least 21 days in advance unless otherwise agreed and until payment in full has been received, the hire is not confirmed.

Payment of the hire fees confirms the Hirer’s acceptance of these Terms a & Conditions

2). HIRERS. Hirer’s must acquaint themselves with the location of the fire exits, safety equipment and toilets at the start of the hire.

3). FURNITURE. The setting up of any furniture and its replacement in the storage areas in a clean and tidy fashion is the Hirer’s responsibility.

4). WASTE. The Hirer must remove all decorations/rubbish/food waste from inside the premises at the end of the hire. You may place rubbish, waste etc. in the large bin in the car park

5). WALL FIXINGS. Pins and sticky tape must not be used to attach items to the walls, ‘White-Tack or ‘Blue-Tack’ is acceptable.

6). USERS LIABILITY. The Hirer’s Public Liability Insurance, Child Protection Policy & Portable Appliance Test Certificate must be produced on request. The Hirer must ensure that any equipment they use during their activities meets all appropriate safety regulations.

7). FIRST AID. The Hirer is responsible for supplying their own First Aid Kit. The hall does not provide one.

8). SECURITY. At the end of the hire, the Hirer must ensure that the premises are left in a clean, tidy and secure condition. As a minimum the dust mop must be used to sweep the floor after each hire period. Exterior doors must be locked unless otherwise advised.

9). LOCATION. The premises are in a residential area therefore; a) The Hirer must ensure that persons attending behave in a responsible manner and do not do anything that might cause annoyance to local residents, rowdiness, banging car doors etc.

10). LIVE MUSIC. Live music will only be permitted if specific permission is granted beforehand. The hall is licenced for music and dancing but the Hirer must ensure that any music, recorded or live, is at a reasonable level.

11). Noise. All activity must cease and the premises be vacated by 11.30pm.

12). Animals. Only assistance dogs are allowed on the premises unless specific permission to the contrary is given beforehand.

13). ALCOHOL. The hall is not licenced for the sale of Alcohol. If alcohol is to be sold, you must apply for a licence from the local authority, St Albans City and District Council.

14). THE STAGE. Use of the stage is by permission only. Hirers must ensure that Children, (anyone under 18 years of age) do not go on to the stage during the course of a hire.

15). CANCELLATIONS. Where it may be necessary for a hire to be cancelled because of circumstances beyond the management’s control, no responsibility for any loss by the hirer will be accepted by the Hall management although any fees already received will be refunded. If a hirer cancels a hire requested after paying the fees but before the event, sympathetic consideration will be given to granting a full refund depending on the circumstances.

16). Disputes. Every effort will be made to settle any disputes amicably but if this is not possible, the Hall Management Committee will have the final decision.

17). FAILURE TO COMPLY. In the event of a failure to comply with the above conditions, the Hall management reserves the right to terminate the hire immediately and retain part or all of the hire fees including the deposit.

18). MANAGEMENT’S RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. The Hall management committee reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice or impose special conditions for any event if it considers it necessary. The management provides premises for hire as seen and accepted by the hirer and to the best of its ability and knowledge ensures that those premises are safe and comply with any appropriate legislation in relation to Health and Safety, Buildings and Fire in force at that time.

Extra Terms & Conditions during the Pandemic.

To minimise the chances of cross infection, every precaution must be taken to ensure that any equipment or fixture is only touched by either only 1 person, or if that is unavoidable, only touched after hands have been sanitised either by using the supplied gel or by washing. It is the responsibility of group leaders or persons nominated by them to ensure the following requirements are met.

  1. Immediately on entry, hands must be sanitised with the gel provided, and the person must then proceed immediately and directly only to the relevant hall so anybody who is outside can gain entry as soon as possible.
  2. The Group Leader must maintain a list of the up-to-date contact details of all attendees in case there is an unfortunate need to track & trace. Attendees must be made aware of this in view of the Data Protection implications.
  3. If clothing is removed, including footwear, the items must be placed in a plastic bag, for individual use only, to ensure isolation. Each person to supply their own bag.
  4. If Hall tables or chairs are used, they must be sanitised with the supplied SaniCloth wipes before and after use. Ensure that only one person uses each chair and avoids touching someone else’s chair. If you use your own equipment, you are responsible for sanitising it; if it is left at the hall, it must be sanitised before being put back into storage. Padded chairs will not be available because they cannot be satisfactorily sanitised. If kitchens are used, minimise the number of people involved and ensure that surfaces and equipment used is thoroughly cleaned/sanitised afterwards. Encourage attendees to bring their own personal drink containers or supply disposable single use cups.
  5. It is recommended that windows and fire escape doors are opened to improve ventilation. Sanitise hands before doing this. If lighting or power sockets are required, again sanitise hands before touching them.
  6. Regarding the toilets, users must sanitise the seat and flush handle before and after use with the supplied SaniCloth wipes. Areas of the cubicle doors touched must also be sanitised. Paper towels and wipes must be put in the pedal bins provided and not flushed away. If the disabled toilet is used, the user must sanitise his/her hands before entry because the door will not be blocked open for privacy purposes.
  7. Waste bins are provided in each hall and the toilets for tissues, empty containers and packaging. A liner must be used. At the end of the hire, all waste bins must be emptied and the liner bag closed. The liner bags should then either be taken home or placed in the waste container in the car park. They must not be left in the hall. It is also the hirer’s responsibility to ensure this is done. Group Leaders should also check the bins and toilets when they enter; if any of the bins have anything in them, let me know so I can take the appropriate action. On occasion, both halls will be in use at the same time and then the first group in should check the toilets and the group to leave last is to clear the toilets.
  8. At the end of the session, somebody must be nominated to close all windows and fire exits, sanitising the handles afterwards with the SaniCloth wipes, likewise the light and power sockets/switches (if used) using only small PDI wipes. The floor should be swept out of consideration for the next users. Finally, a check should be made to ensure that the premises have been left secure.
  9. We reserve the right to close the hall without notice in the unfortunate event that it becomes contaminated with the virus. We will advise any hirers affected as quickly as possible. Likewise, if any of your attendees show symptoms, you must let us know immediately so we can take the appropriate action.
  10. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice in the event of changing Government Guidelines.
  11. You must agree to abide with the above Terms and Conditions and an acknowledgement, either in writing or preferably by email, is required.